A hands-on guide on HashiCorp Vault for beginners.

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Coming soon!

About the Book

Getting Started with HashiCorp Vault is a beginner's guide to understanding the Vault which is popular open-source secrets management project.

This book, will cover the basic Vault concepts that are essential features of Vault such as Static and Dynamic Secrets, Authentication, and Encryption in Transit. You will learn how to configure, deploy, and operate it. You will also be presented with application and operational patterns for leveraging Vault's powerful features from your applications.

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Code Examples

The code examples for this book are in the Getting Started with HashiCorp Vault GitHub repository.


Errata and changes page contains any updates to the book. Any updates to the book will be available on LeanPub.

About the Author

Anubhav Mishra (@build1point0) is a Technical Advisor to the CTO at HashiCorp. He is passionate about Developer Advocacy and helping developers and operators do better. Previously, he worked at Hootsuite, where he created Atlantis - An Open Source project that helps teams collaborate on Infrastructure using Terraform. He also loves open source software and is continuously finding ways to contribute to projects that excite him. That has led him to contribute to projects like Virtual Kubelet (a CNCF project) and dapr. He has worked on projects like the secrets-store-csi-driver where he helped write the HashiCorp Vault provider that allows users to fetch secrets from Vault and mount them as volumes in containers running in a Kubernetes pod. He often speaks at conferences. In his free time, he DJs, makes music and plays football. He’s a huge Manchester United supporter.